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août 12, 2017

Hypnotizing Visualizes Cellular Biology by Maxime Causeret for Max Cooper’s music video « Order from Chaos »

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Hypnotizing Visualizes Cellular Biology by Maxime Causeret for Max Cooper’s music video « Order from Chaos »



Max Cooper – Order From Chaos (official video by Maxime Causeret)

The video is described by Cooper as “a beautiful humanized exploration of life and emergence.”

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Dynamic, colourful patterns represent the way organisms interact and evolve in the visuals for Max Cooper’s latest music video, which was directed by Maxime Teresuac.



The video came about after Cooper, a London-based producer, contacted a number of motion designers to create visuals for his new album, giving each a different brief. Order from Chaos was the track given to Melbourne-based Teresuac.

« This track uses a binaural sample of rain hitting my window, where the rain hits are obviously random, but I then force the hits towards a grid so that a pattern emerges from the raindrops based on their closest structure, » explained Cooper in his brief.

« It’s an emergent rhythm which I would like to mirror somehow in the visual, with an initially detailed and chaotic form which slowly develops into something with recognisable structure. »

Using Houdini, a 3D animation program, he created colourful, dynamic visuals against a black backdrop, intended to represent the « beauty of life ».

 « It talks about emergence and tries to show the beauty of life, the birth of a simple plant from a seed.

Throughout the video, microscopic-looking shapes in bright neon colours morph and move. At one point they transform into jellyfish, and eventually flowers.

« It’s inspired by how things interact and evolve, » added the producer.

juin 15, 2017

Symbolic, Surreal Photography by Sean Mundy

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Symbolic, Surreal Photography  by Sean Mundy


22-year-old photographer Sean Mundy finds meaning and inspiration in his subjectivity, creating impassioned images which contain a wide variety of emotion. Simplistic and allegorical, Mundy offers personal glimpses into moments of self-doubt, confusion and pain. His artwork is left open to interpretation and offers more questions than answers due to the sense of mysticism behind them.

juin 10, 2017

Beautiful Papercut Portraits Of Endangered Animals Around The World animals

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Beautiful Percutant Portraits Of Endangered Animals Around The World animals 

Manila-based artist Patrick Cabral is creating elaborate paper cut artworks of animals to protect wildlife in the Philippines. He is selling the artistic portraits of wild animals that are currently endangered and already has been donating 50% of proceeds from these works to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Snow leopards, tigers, lynxes, and bears rise from the page in elaborate detail. Each portrait is accompanied by a short description of the animal and their current level of endangerment.

avril 25, 2017

Jack Hardwicke – Cosmic

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Jack Hardwicke – Cosmic

These completely out-of-this-world cosmic creations are created by
Brighton based Photographer Jack Hardwicke (aka The Eidophusikon).

Patternbank are loving theawesome clash of colours and the otherworldly abstract qualities ofthese pieces. Are they photographs, paintings, scientific experiments or
fragments from the outer regions of the universe – who knows?, but one
thing is for sure they are incredibly mesmerising and beautiful.

Source: blog.patternbank


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