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The intricate works of Moisés Mahiques


TRAS-CABEZA from Moisés Mahiques on Vimeo.

The intricate works of Moisés Mahiques

Moisés Mahiques uses drawings to expand and question the value system of the contemporary individual, exploring the expressive possibilities of the line as well its figurative.
The white paper becomes a space to talk about the personal, as part of an unresolved narrative tension in which the principle of cause and effect is substituted by uncertainty and where the initial figurative form becomes an all anthropomorphic. Moisés Mahiques explores and reflects the contemporary individual and their conflicts as well as their inability to integrate in an environment that became more and more complex and incomprehensible, their alienation from a system that no longer knows the instruments that regulate and structure it. Mahiques drawings are a working concept and a performative action to show human actions figure by figure, while the drawing becomes a heterotopy, in which moments happen to infinity. They are a gesture of self-exploration and analysis to the own chaos. H/T:

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