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A tectonics broken body by Samuel Yal


A tectonics broken body by Samuel YAL

At first glance, this is probably the delicacy and lightness that best characterize the sculptures of Samuel Yal. Often floating or suspended, sometimes fragmented as to let the air, their fragility also falls within their delicate whiteness of their meticulousness. From the outset, the original principles of sculpture are contradicted because the work is not done more massive or compact, but exploded and air, as weightless outlet.Using the generally ceramics, the artist embodies a somewhat paradoxical transparency since the shapes sketched while appearing to fade. The tension between empty and full and is at the heart of his work, as we perceive it with these fragmented bodies that rise in "corpuscle" and "Termination II." In the latter in particular, fragments snap a climb that is reminiscent of the separation of body and mind, participating in an aesthetic of sculpture where what matters is not always what key or is seen, but what escapes. Hence it is giving an introspective depth to the work of the artist, especially when considering these somewhat rigid postures, arms outstretched, caught in time of meditation, or perhaps one of expectation. h/t: BOUMBANG

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