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The romantic embroidery of Ana Teresa Barboza


The romantic embroidery of Ana Teresa Barboza

Ana Teresa Barboza was born in 1981 in Lima, Peru and started using thread, stitching and embroidery in plastic arts a few years ago.
Her first collection “Animales Familiares” (Familiar Animals) is structured around a human body, cut, reconstructed and embellished through the intervention of stitching and embroidery. Upon seeing her work, it is difficult to distinguish the boundaries between the human and the animal : both appearing to be as much bestial as fragile.

It looks like one has been made prisoner of the other permanently . The skin becomes a cloth, hiding a violent yet  sensitive body. Then, human or animal, the skin is transformed into a metaphor that both decorates and shelters bodily organs, making us acutely aware of our own human bodies.
Between animal instinct and poetry, this collection dramatises humans and animals in contexts that are just as disturbing as funny. h/t: le fil conducteur

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