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Thiago Bianchini draws thousands of tiny dots to create these wild illustrations

I Draw Thousands Of Tiny Dots To Create These Wild Illustrations

My name is Thiago Bianchini and I am an illustrator and graphic designer. Two years ago I started creating this series of illustrations using fine-tipped ink pens. Inspired by double exposure photography, I brought this universe to my drawing world. Wildlife creatures surrounded by trees, grass and craggy mountains contrast with the starry sky formed by thousands of tiny dots.

I usually take four hours to finish one artwork with stippling technique like this. That's a lot of dots and a lot of patience. The most interesting thing about art is not having limits. You can create something simple or complex, surrealistic. It’s an universal communication form. Nowadays art is one of the most important things in the world because it unites people and makes them think.

One of my goals is to inspire people who live in big cities to turn their eyes back to nature. To get inspired and do something to protect wildlife or what's left of it. In addition to the double exposure illustrations, much of my portfolio is filled with stylized portraits of animals, longhaired girls, hipster sailors, graphic textures and exclusive handmade typographies.
h/t: (boredpanda)

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