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Photos Taken Between Two Worlds! Just magic ...

1. Argentine.
2. Nuweiba, Egypte.3. Maré, Nouvelle Calédonie.4. Zanzibar, Tanzanie.

  5. Canyon de Langevin, La Réunion.

6. Crystal River, Floride, USA.7. Iles Raja Ampat, Indonésie.8. Fidji.9. Rivière Smalblaar, Afrique du Sud.10. Ile de la Madeleine, Canada.11. La Réunion.12. Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée.13. Iles Andaman, Inde.14. Bora-Bora, Polynésie Française.15. Everglades, Floride, USA.16. Parc Grüner See , Autriche.17. Pig Beach, Bahamas.18. Grotte bleue, Capri, Italie.19. Palawan, Philippines.20. Espagne.21. Brésil.22. Suisse.23. Afrique du Sud.24. Mer de Florès, Indonésie.25. Mer des Caraïbes, Mexique.26. Cuba.27. Islande.28. Sipadan, Malaysie.29. Corfou, Grèce.30. Hawaï.31. France.32. Ile Danko, Antarctique.33. Lac aux Méduses, Iles Chelbacheb, Palaos.34.  Mer Méditerranée, France.35. Laguna del Burro, Mexique.36. Mer Rouge, Eilat, Israël.

These pictures taken beneath the surface of the water that will leave you speechless! Just magic ...
 What is it underwater? These beautiful pictures show the seabed of the most beautiful way
When you swim in the sea, in a lake, river or the ocean, you are never sure of the depth of the water, which is directly below you. Sometimes it's the great void, sometimes you walk but the water is cloudy ... At times you see a shadow under the water and you happen to imagine that a shark is not far. In fact, you never know exactly what we cover the surface of the water.
Yet, just a mask and snorkel to discover it. If you do not have the opportunity to check it right away, the following pictures will tell you! Sea creatures ready to emerge from the water, passing by various and exceptional seabed, these photos just show the beautyof the underwater world!
A work and an awesome inspiration from these photographers! That leaves dreamer really ...    
(h/t:demotivateur & generationvoyage & Photographers)

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