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Nika Danielska Designs by Kate Strucka for Factice Magazine #17

Nika Danielska Designs by Kate Strucka for Factice Magazine #17

Macabre in style and sharp in design, these fetish fashion designs by Nika Danielska feature skeletal cages that constrict and contort the body for the sake of fashion. Face masks, neck braces and shoulder spikes make up this daring collection, blurring the lines between pain and couture with their frightening demeanor. The spindly creations can be worn peeking out from underneath a jacket, or on top of a gorgeous gown, making  eye-popping fashion. These intricately wrought pieces are lavish enough to be worn instead of other accessories and jewels, A  look glamorously Gothic when paired with some sparkly baubles.
Nika Danielska Designs bring fetish fashion concepts to the forefront of dramatic style. 
 Source: art-tension

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