Sayaka Ganz's Animal Sculptures Made of Recycled Plastics

  • août 21, 2016
  • By Flow Art Stationnement

Sayaka Ganz's Animal Sculptures Made of Recycled Plastics

Japanese-born artist Sayaka Ganz creates sculptures out of discarded plastics found in thrift stores, converting these unwanted materials into graceful imitations of natural beauty. For her Running series, Ganz created life-like horses in mid-gallop. “Japanese Shinto beliefs are such that all objects and organisms have spirits, and I was taught in kindergarten that objects that are discarded before their time weep at night inside the trash bin. This became a vivid image in my mind,” Ganz explained her interest in recycled materials. She collects multitudes of plastic objects, organizing them in dozens of color-sorted bins in her basement. She then decides what to make when she has enough of one color, referencing photographs of her chosen species to convey its distinct movements and characteristics. h/t:  Hifructoseand Bored Panda


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