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The Darkside Of Barbie by Mariel Clayton

The Darkside Of Barbie by MARIEL CLAYTON

 She is an icon! She is a role model for generations of young girls! Always good-looking, politically correct. Yes that’s Barbie! We have always known that she has a dark side!

MARIEL CLAYTON  has imagined what Barbie's adventures might look like if she were seized with murderous impulses.
A "bad doll": obsessed, suicidal and psychotic.
Shocking  scenes of crime and debauchery.
If the project is not entirely original, we must in any case save the unlimited creativity of Mariel, who has succeeded in reconstructions really glaucous and twisted.
Mariel describes himself with a subversive sense of humor, a creator of dioramas full of details and black humor as a means of commenting on contemporary society and its stereotypes..

H/T: KALTBLUT Magazine

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