Enchanting Photographic Fantasies by Margarita Kareva

  • février 18, 2017
  • By Flow Art Stationnement

 Enchanting Photographic Fantasies by Margarita Kareva

 Russian photographer Margarita Kareva is both the subject and author of a fairy tale. Just three short years into her photography career, and she has already carved out a niche – as well as an ever-expanding fan base – in the world of fantasy photography.

Specializing in images that beautifully transform her female subjects into princesses and witches alike, there is a definitive fairytale feel in each portrait. Some are based on specific, well-known stories, but all are inspired by her love of fantasy books.
Combining real props and costumes with digital manipulations and other surreal elements, Margarita Kareva captures the wonder and imagination children feel growing up with magical characters and locations, bewitching us with her technical and creative capacities.
h/t: all-that-is-interesting

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